Why Choose a Metal Roof for Your Home?

metal roof, roofing, roofer
Qualities That Make Metal Roofing a Valuable Investment
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Why Choose a Metal Roof for Your Home?

metal roof, roofing, roofer

metal roof, roofing, rooferMetal roofs are growing in popularity, and it can be attributed to the public’s awareness of the many benefits of getting a metal roof for their home. The new roofing materials made of metal on the market today are very different from the corrugated barn roofs that used to be the very definition of a metal roof.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

The new metal roofs offer high-tech solutions when it comes to fire resistance, weight, and compatibility with the design of the house. You can even find a brightly colored standing-seam metal roof that in spite of minimum maintenance requirement, sheds water and snow effectively.

Roofing companies such as Restore Masters can easily install a metal roof. The company is known for its fast and excellent services and reasonable cost estimates. Choosing a metal roof could mean choosing a long-lasting roof that offers excellent fire-resistant qualities. A metal roof is also lightweight and is effective in reflecting heat from the sun, so you can save energy on cooling bills.

Metal roofs are usually made from steel and aluminium, but there are other types of materials. An aluminum roof is more expensive than a steel roof, but it does not corrode as easily as steel can if the finish has been damaged. As it is a soft metal, aluminum is susceptible to denting, however. On the upside, aluminum roof is economical compared with other types of metal roofs, and it is durable and it absorbs paint finishes excellently.

Choosing an Appearance for Metal Roof

Metal roofs used in residential properties come in two forms: shingles and sheet-like panels. Metal shingle-style roofing has a look similar to Spanish tile, slate, or wood shakes. To give the roofing a more realistic look, it has multiple layers of finishes that may include topcoats of granulated stone. The panel-style metal roofing, on the other hand, features raised ribs every 6 or 12 inches and is installed vertically on a roof. The roof is clearly metal in appearance which is clean, honest, and contemporary.

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