What Causes the Deterioration of Flat Roofs

commercial roofing
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What Causes the Deterioration of Flat Roofs

commercial roofing

commercial roofingFlat roofs are the leading choice for commercial and industrial building roof installation. The different types of flat roofs are generally durable. It is especially true when a flat roof system has been installed properly.

However, roofs, even if they are hardwearing, will eventually need restoration or a change.  Time, weather and durability of the old materials used are factors to this inevitable circumstance.  When it happens, you can always rely on Restore Masters to repair or replace a house or a building’s roofing system. As an owner, it is important to know the several factors that contribute to the deterioration of flat roofs.


Repeated exposure to sunlight will evaporate volatile elements of asphalt or tar. When it happens to asphalt, it becomes brittle. Sunlight can cause a roof to lose its elasticity. The end result is flaking off of surface coating, which exposes the felt beneath it.


A strong wind will direct rain into the defective joints in the parapet or mat, and it causes the roof to tear at loose seams and make the roof structure unstable.


If the roof has cracks, rain can seep into them no matter how small these gaps are, and cause water to leak through the ceiling. Moisture that has been trapped will become ice in freezing temperature, which leads to heaving or tearing of the roof.

Change in Temperature

As temperature changes, the roof will expand or contract. This can strain the roof structure, both deck and walls, and the flashings as well. The roof can be strained to a point that it tears the roof mat and create cracks in the coping joints. The damage may aggravate when water seeps into the cracks.

Walls settling

When walls settle, it can affect the flashings or it may cause the roof to settle below the level of the drain pipe. A backup of flood water or leaking through the cracks around the drain are possible results.

If you experience any of these roof problems, don’t hesitate to call Restore Masters to help you!  Restore Masters is one the best and trusted roofing system, and offers its services nationwide.

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