Roof Inspection and Repair by Restore Masters

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Roof Inspection and Repair by Restore Masters

Roofing Roofer

Roofing Roofer Unfortunately, your roof is not as hard-wearing as the walls of your home. Weather conditions and general wear and tear will damage it. And, when signs of damage start to appear, it can create problems especially during severe weather.

Restore Masters Will Rush to Your Aid

You can anticipate these problems by getting the service of Restore Masters, a family-run business that specializes in roof repair, maintenance and installation. Different types of roof require different repair approaches. But whether you have a shingled, a slant, or a flat top roof, if it’s damaged, Restore Masters will fix it for you. Only an experienced roofer in Kansas City, Missouri will be sent to your home by Restore Masters.

If you have a shingled roof, we can replace the old shingles with high-quality ones. Our company has a variety of shingles: asphalt, copper, fiberglass, and wind- or fire-resistant shingles.  You can be assured that these are all durable, and your roof will be restored or replaced according to its needs, as well as your choice and safety. Restore Masters has years of experience in repairing residential roofs, including installation of a new roof over an existing substrate.

Inspection of Your Roof

Even when your roof looks just fine, you may still need Restore Masters to prepare it for severe weather. The manufacturer that supplied you with your roof most likely will not replace your roof when it’s damaged, unless you can show proof that the roof has been maintained.  Most manufacturers of roofing materials void the warranty if the roof is not maintained.  So, if your roof is damaged beyond repair, you will need Restore Masters to inspect and replace it.

We will send you professionals to check your roof for insulation, moisture level, and effects of other conditions such as heat, time and weather. Each roofer from Restore Masters is an expert in using advanced tools such as infrared scans and nuclear isotopic meters. When thorough inspection has been made and damages have been identified, the roofers will present you a cost estimate. If you agree, they will immediately start with the necessary repairs or installation. Restore Masters will help prepare your roof for any weather conditions and extend its life.

You need not look elsewhere for roofing companies in Kansas City, Missouri, because you already have the best if you choose Restore Masters.

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