Residential Roof Buying Guide (Part 1)

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Why Choose a Metal Roof for Your Home?
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Residential Roof Buying Guide (Part 2)
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Residential Roof Buying Guide (Part 1)

roofer, roofing, roof repair

roofer, roofing, roof repair It may sometimes be overwhelming when you are making decisions about buying or restoring a home.  Choosing the right roof for a house can be one of the processes that may be too complicated for someone who’s not an expert.  Restore Masters can be of assistance when you have a roofing project.  Below is a quick overview of what you should know when choosing a roof for your house.  You can also read about the common types of residential roofs.

Things to Know Before Buying a Roof

Roofing can be made of natural materials or manmade products and each category offers many options.  When looking for a roof, you have to know if the existing roof framing can provide structural support to it. You should also check if it is compatible with your roof sloop and if the roofing is allowed by local building codes. To ensure safety, the roofing should be able to withstand natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires. You may also want to check if the materials are recyclable and eco-friendly. The last but still important consideration is the cost of the roof.

Common Types of Roofs for the Home

Asphalt Composition Shingles

The very popular choice for roofing is inexpensive and is made of either fiberglass filled with asphalt and coated with mineral granules, or organic fiber mat. The roof can have thick laminated shingles, or it can come in conventional three-tab singles. While the roofing can be recycled, it is not eco-friendly because it’s a petroleum-based product. It is also not very durable, but you can find algae-resistant shingles which prevent staining. However, the roof has good resistance to fire and fair resistance to wind. The roofing can be installed on fairly low-sloped roofs and steeper ones as well.


It is a more expensive choice than asphalt composition shingles partly because it offers better wind resistance and lasts longer.  The metal used for the roofing can be aluminum, steel, zinc alloy, or copper. If you choose a steel roof, you can have one that is either coated with zinc or has a painted finish. Metal roofings in general come in shingles that resemble other common roof materials or in sheets. Installing the roof can be done with fasteners being exposed or hidden. A metal roofing can be made from recycled materials and is recyclable. You can get a fairly to very durable roof if you choose a metal construction.  In general, metal roofings offer good resistance to both wind and fire.

Wood Singles and Shakes

Cedar is the most common material for this type of roof, but redwood and other rot-resistant woods are also options. The roof, while vulnerable to fire unless treated, offers a natural look and its color turns to a silvery gray over time. The roof is generally not very heavy so it can be installed on moderate to steep sloped roofs. The roof, which offers good resistance against wind, is within the moderate price range.

If you need any type of roofing services, be it repair and maintenance or installation, call Restore Masters. For many years, Restore Masters has been a trusted roofing company in Kansas City, Missouri.  The friendly staff and expert roofers can help you with any repair, maintenance, and installation concerns.

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