How A Roof Certification Can Help You Sell Your Home Easier

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How A Roof Certification Can Help You Sell Your Home Easier

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roofing, rooferReal estate agents often advise sellers to get a roof certification for the buyer’s peace of mind.

The seller can set up an agreement with the buyer to deduct a certain amount from the total sales price if the buyer pays for the roof inspection. However, a house for sale is more appealing to buyers if it comes complete with a roof certification.  This is because it will put the buyer’s mind at ease over safety concerns and possible unplanned or sudden repairs in the future, which oftentimes, is a nightmare for anyone who has just bought a house.

A thorough inspection of the roof is not always the priority of home inspectors. If you are selling your house, you need to get the service of a roof inspector. A roof inspector will check for the condition of roofing materials; soundness of downspouts, gutters, and drains, as well as the condition of caps, drip edges, and ridges. Inspections should also be made to know if the roof is showing signs of damage, such as flashing around chimneys, roof pipes, and valleys.  Roof inspectors can also check for damages done by common house pests or uninvited visitors like raccoons, rats and termites.  This insures your home or the house you are selling is in good condition, and the value of the property remains competitive in the market.

Roof Certification Requirements

If the roof inspector finds any damage or signs of safety hazards on the roof of your house, you will not receive a roof certification. However, once repairs have been made, or if the roof does not need repair at all, the roofing company will take into account the estimated remaining years of the roof before issuing a certificate. Other factors that influence roof certification includes:

  • Type of roof
  • Roof pitch
  • Number of roof layers
  • Previous repairs made to the roof
  • Exclusions made to the roof

Common types of roofing materials include wood shake, clay tile, metal, steel, synthetic, tar and gravel, and concrete tile. Roof pitch, another important factor to get a certification, is defined as the steepness of a roof. There are cities that have ordinances for the number of layers allowed on a roof.  This is another contributing factor to get certified. Disclosing the number of repairs a roof has undergone is also crucial to roof certification. Many roofing companies only issue a roof certification if a seller is able to disclose previous repairs.

You can make your house more appealing to buyers by having its roof repaired and getting a roof certification. To know more about roof certifications, repairs and installations, contact Restore Masters.

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